Water Shortage Spurs Protest in Karachi, Residents Demand Action

News Desk1 week ago

Women, kids, and senior citizens were among the demonstrators who saw participants brandishing signs critical of the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB).

Azizabad inhabitants have been experiencing a severe water deficit for the last three months, and they have expressed anger about this lack of availability.Protesters emphasized that they are forced to rely on water tankers run by local mafias because of the water scarcity. One protestor said, “We have no choice but to purchase our share of water because we are at the mercy of the water tanker mafia.”

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Protesters phoned the KWSB to demand that Azizabad’s normal water supply be restored, and they also encouraged the KWSB to address illegal water connections that exacerbate the region’s water issue. They demanded that the authorities take quick action.

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