Which Villain Matches Your Personality Type

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Have you ever questioned whether you and your favorite villains share the same personality traits? Based on the results of the Myers-Briggs personality test, you might be one of the following characters.

Architect (INTJ)

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Architects are deliberate planners who approach everything they do with both creativity and logic. They frequently have a complex inner life that they would like to keep hidden. They have complex inner lives that they frequently would rather keep hidden. Architects take great satisfaction in their capacity to think independently, be astute and quick-witted, and recognize deceit and insincerity.

One of the most well-known psychopaths in Hollywood, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, embodies all the traits of an INTJ. Lecter is a very astute and strategic person. He is usually thinking and feeling many steps ahead of others. But his lack of empathy renders him a dangerous and capricious person. Lecter is an example of an unhealthy INTJ—cold and heartless. You’re in luck if you’re an INTJ and you enjoy villains, as there is a large cast of evil characters that share this personality type.

Logical (INTP)

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These thinkers frequently explore unlikely pathways and like approaching numerous elements of life in an unexpected way. Logicians take great satisfaction in their ability to think critically and from a variety of viewpoints. Some of history’s most well-known scientists and thinkers were considered logicians.
One of the most recognizable villains from Batman history, Riddler is extremely brilliant and constantly one step ahead of everyone else. He enjoys solving puzzles and coming up with crafty schemes. An unstable INTP, on the other hand, could grow fixated with his intelligence and begin to believe he is superior to everyone else. To Riddler, this is what occurs.


Commander (ENTJ)

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Commanders are resolute people who get their energy from willpower. Their charisma, self-assurance, and innate leadership abilities allow them to unite individuals behind a shared objective. They are renowned for their determination, reason, and mental clarity.
As the Lord of the Rings trilogy goes on, it becomes more and more obvious that Sauron, like ENTJs, is an expert manipulator and strategist. He never backs down from a challenge and isn’t scared to make compromises in order to accomplish his main objective. Since he is a tyrant and dictator, he is also a great leader who can easily mobilize people to his cause.

Innovator (ENTP)

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Bold and imaginative, innovators have the mental dexterity to dissect and reassemble concepts. They don’t give up on their objectives in the face of difficulty.
Innovative people are brave and astute; they don’t mind debating or questioning the existing quo, especially when it comes to contentious issues. They are not invariably vile or spiteful, though. Instead, they are intelligent, inquisitive, and humorous, which makes them engaging conversationalists.

Lawyer (INFJ)

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Lawyers are reflective, creative individuals who approach life with a strong sense of personal principles and a profound sense of introspection. Their motivations are justice and empathy in all facets of life. Lawyers are the least common personality type, but they have a profound effect on society.
The antagonist of the popular Netflix series YOU, Joe Goldberg, identifies as an INFJ. Joe is a calm, reflective person who is yet incredibly perceptive and smart. He also gives the impression of being extremely kind, sensitive, and protective, yet his romantic aspirations and sense of justice drive him to turn into a violent sociopath.

Activist (ENFP)

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Activists are free spirits with lofty goals that motivate them to look for ways to improve the world. They are often the life of the party, exuberant, kind, and open-minded. They also have a dynamic energy. They work hard to improve their social and relationship lives, and they have a great desire to form deep emotional connections with other people. Their imagination, inventiveness, and curiosity are traits of their inner life. They work hard to improve their social and relationship lives, and they have a great desire to form deep emotional connections with other people.


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