Modi Expected to Win Election

News Desk3 days ago

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA), which is now in power, is expected to gain around 350 seats in the lower house of parliament, which has 543 members. A simple majority requires 272 seats, according to the summary of two exit polls.

In the 2019 election, 353 were won by the NDA.
It was predicted that the Congress-led opposition INDIA alliance would win more than 120 seats.

In India, exit polls have a mixed track record because they frequently predict incorrect election results. According to commentators, it is difficult to get exit poll results correct in such a vast and diverse nation.

The seven-phase election, which started on April 19 and took place in many places in the sweltering summer heat, gave nearly one billion people the right to cast a ballot.

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The Election Commission will count votes polled in electronic voting machines on June 4 and results are expected the same day.

A victory for Modi, 73, will make him only the second prime minister after independence leader Jawaharlal Nehru to win three consecutive terms.


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