Airport Police Seize Illegal Drugs

News Desk3 weeks ago

A spokeswoman for the ASF said that 5.7 kg of hashish in total had been taken from a passenger.

ASF officials said that Arman, a passenger traveling to Doha, expertly concealed the aforementioned substances in containers.

But when they searched the products, the ASF agents found narcotics, which prevented the smuggling attempts.

According to ASF officials, following a preliminary inquiry, the accused was turned over to ANF officials together with the recovered hashish.

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At Multan Airport last week, the ASF successfully thwarted a smuggling effort and retrieved 950 grams of ice heroin from a passenger on a flight headed for Dubai.

The traveler, named Muhammad Ramzan, had skillfully hid the heroin between the iron bars of his satchel.

However, after carefully going through his luggage, ASF staff found and retrieved the drugs.

The accused was turned over to the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) authorities for additional legal proceedings after the preliminary inquiry.

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