Israel Feels International Rejection

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Following Hamas’s October 7 attack, Israelis anticipated resolute backing from both the international community and their friends.

However, Israel appears to have lost the support it first gained following the historic attack as its offensive in Gaza has grown more intense.

The Israeli attack on a camp for Palestinian refugees in Rafah last week, which killed at least 45 people, according to Gazan officials, worsened this loss of support. The camp is not a target, according to the military.

From Washington to Paris, and from Istanbul to Beijing, many condemned the strike.

Since the strike, more over 47 million posts have been made on the social networking site Instagram using the hashtag “All eyes on Rafah.”

“I don’t think Israel should care what the world has to say… I support our military 100 percent,” Netanel Aronson, a 24-year-old Israeli-American, told AFP.

“I pray for them every day that they should be safe and come home.”

Since October 7, Israeli ground operations and bombing have killed at least 36,379 Palestinians in Gaza, the majority of them civilians, according to the health ministry in Hamas-run territory.

“It is a tragedy for everyone,” Nathalie remarked, mentioning the plight of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip while withholding her last name.

We are able to see what is going on because everyone is connected. The fifty-year-old remarked, “We feel as though we are despised.

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We feel as though we are being called imperialists and colonialists. However, we regard ourselves as refugees,” she continued, reflecting the sentiment of a large number of Jews who arrived when Israel was founded in 1948.

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