Meta Unveils AI-Powered Smart Glasses, VR Headset, Chatbots

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Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive of Meta Platforms (formerly known as Facebook), unveiled new AI products designed for consumers, including bots that generate photo-realistic images, smart glasses with an integrated AI assistant, and an updated virtual-reality headset. These products aim to blend the virtual and real worlds and offer affordable or free AI integration into daily life.

The new generation of Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses will be available starting October 17, priced at $299. They will feature a new Meta AI assistant and the ability to livestream what the user sees directly to Facebook and Instagram.

The latest Quest mixed-reality headset will start shipping on October 10, with the addition of consumer-facing generative AI products. One of these products is Meta AI, a chatbot that can generate text responses and photo-realistic images.

It will serve as an assistant integrated into the smart glasses, with plans to expand its capabilities to identify objects and perform language translation through a software update next year. Meta AI will have access to real-time information via a partnership with Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

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Meta also announced plans to create a platform that allows developers and individuals to create custom AI bots. These bots will have profiles on Instagram and Facebook and eventually appear as avatars in the metaverse. To showcase the platform’s capabilities, Meta created 28 chatbots with different personalities, styled in the voices of celebrities.

The company aims to provide AI integration to enhance existing apps and devices, rather than focusing solely on generating revenue through these AI products. Mark Zuckerberg also mentioned that Xbox cloud gaming will be coming to Quest in December.

These announcements reflect Meta’s commitment to AI and its strategy to offer innovative, affordable, and accessible AI-driven products to consumers. It also highlights Meta’s ongoing efforts to shape the metaverse and expand its presence in the AI landscape.

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