Apple is set to Launch the iOS 17.1 Update before October 24th

News Desk8 months ago

The forthcoming iOS 17.1 update from Apple is expected to be publicly available by October 24th.

This release date was disclosed by the French regulatory organization ANFR, which provided an update on Apple’s efforts to address radiation levels in the iPhone 12 through the iOS 17.1 update.

iOS 17.1 has already undergone two rounds of beta changes and is currently in the beta 3 testing phase. It is accessible to members of Apple’s Developer program who are eligible for beta updates.

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The iOS 17.1 update brings various improvements to the iOS 17 operating system. These enhancements encompass a feature that allows users to mark Apple Music favorites, the ability to use AirDrop over the internet, enhanced functionality for checking bank and card balances within the Wallet app, and modifications to the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro.

In addition to these features, this update holds significance for Apple as it aims to address the radiation concerns raised by the French government.

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