Karachi to get Tough on Street Crimes, says CM Murad

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During his visit, the IGP gave the Sindh Chief Minister an update on the province’s overall law and order situation, with a focus on street crime in Karachi.

According to Ghulam Nabi Memon, there has been some “control” over street crime, and more measures are being taken.

At this point, Chief Minister Murad declared that the government of Sindh desired total authority over all criminal activity, including street crimes, in the province, especially in Karachi.

The chief minister claimed that street crime has decreased from 254 per day in January 2024 to 170 per day in April 2024 as a result of the government’s political resolve and the diligent work of the police and Rangers.

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“When we took over [Sindh government] in the last week of February 2024, there were 152 cases of street crime per day and now, we have controlled them to 170 per day but we are not satisfied with the crime rate and controlling it further,” he said.

According to the IGP briefing, the street crime rate per day was 254 in January, 252 in February, 245 in March, and 170 in April. At this point, the CM stated that although there has been a noticeable decrease in street crime, more needs to be done to control it.

The police have been instructed by CM Murad to step up their existing operation against the dacoits in the Katcha area, which is a riverine area.

He declared that it was intolerable that Muhammad Hussain Arain, a youngster, had been abducted from Pano Aqil.

“How the dacoits dare to barge in the houses and kidnap the child?” he asked, giving the IGP instructions to retrieve the youngster and maintain contact with the family at all times.

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