CM Gandapur Vows to Seize PESCO Office

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In a statement, the chief minister of KP issued a warning to the Energy Minister and the federal government, stating that if “loadshedding isn’t reduced by tonight,” he would assume control of the PESCO office.

CM Gandapur stated that the province administration has made repeated requests for a solution, requesting that the authorities alter the program by tonight.

He insisted that the 22 hours of load shedding be cut to 18 hours in order to alleviate the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, according to him.

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The chief minister threatened to take serious actions, such as seizing control of the PESCO office and grid stations, if the schedule was not altered. He made it clear that this is a timeframe for action rather than a warning.

Earlier, CM Gandapur castigated the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif-led federal government over expensive electricity and “worst load-shedding”, asking the Centre to pay its KP dues.

“Our people are receiving electricity at high rates,” stated the provincial chief executive. If the Centre believes that we would keep quiet about this injustice, they are mistaken.

He said that KP owed the federal government Rs1.51 trillion under Net Hydel Profit.

During the tenure of the [previous] PTI, electricity was supplied at a rate of Rs 15 per unit. However, as of right present, the utility is not even available and costs Rs65 per unit.

“I am not pursuing alms for our people,” he informed the federal authorities.

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