Karachi Police Arrest Security Guard Accused of Killing Young Boy

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In a move to improve water quality monitoring capabilities, the government has allocated Rs30 million for the purpose.
A young scavenging child was hurt when the security officer for a private enterprise opened fire. He later passed away on Friday in the hospital from his wounds.

In the meantime, the security guy was able to leave the area following the gunshot event.

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But after filing a formal complaint at Sir Syed police station regarding the 16-year-old Abdul Samad’s father’s allegation, the police asserted that they had taken the security officer into custody.

Ramzan, the detained security guard, works for a private security firm, according to police officials, and the supervisor of the guard is already detained.

A security officer in Karachi shot and killed a scavenging youngster in a previous terrible event.

According to the first reports, the incident happened during a fight in the North Karachi region between the child and the private security guard, who went by the name Ramzan.

The guard shot the child in the stomach during the tense debate and ran away from the scene with the weapon.

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