At Least 29 Gazans Killed in Israeli Strikes While Waiting for Humanitarian Aid

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In the first incident, an attack on an aid distribution center in the central Gaza Strip’s Al-Nuseirat camp claimed the lives of eight individuals, according to Palestinian health authorities in the Hamas-ruled region.

Later, Israeli shooting into a throng waiting for relief vehicles at a roundabout in northern Gaza resulted in at least 21 deaths and over 150 injuries, according to the health ministry of Gaza.

Israel’s military refuted claims that it had attacked relief centers in a statement, calling them “false.”

The statement read, “We urge the media to do the same and only rely on credible information as the IDF assesses the incident with the thoroughness that it deserves.”

Over 2.3 million people have been forced to flee the enclave due to the Gaza war. People who were extremely hungry scurried for food during relief handouts, resulting in violent situations and tragic occurrences.

Palestinian health officials said on February 29 that while Palestinians were waiting for a delivery of supplies close to Gaza City, Israeli soldiers opened fire, killing over 100 of them. Israel claimed the dead had been ran over or trampled and placed the responsibility for the killings on the throngs that encircled the relief vehicles.

Palestinian doctors said that nine individuals were killed on Thursday after an Israeli missile struck a house in Deir Al-Balah, which is located in central Gaza. Locals reported that throughout the night, Israeli air and ground strikes continued across the enclave, notably in the southern city of Rafah, where more than a million displaced Palestinians are being housed.

According to Israeli counts, a Hamas-led onslaught on communities in southern Israel on October 7 resulted in 1,200 deaths and 253 hostages. This incident set off the conflict.

According to Gaza health officials, since then, Israel’s air, sea, and land assault on Gaza has resulted in over 31,000 deaths and over 71,500 injuries.

Thus far, there has been no success in efforts to bring Israel and the Islamist militant group Hamas to a truce. Israel claimed to be seeking an arrangement that would guarantee the release of captives in Gaza in return for the release of Palestinians detained by Israel; however, Hamas maintains that an agreement must put an end to the conflict.

Hamas said late on Thursday that it has given mediators a detailed plan for a ceasefire agreement centered on ending what it calls

A relief ship was on its way into Gaza, where the American military intends to build a port so that up to two million meals may be distributed daily.

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Although they welcome relief ships, Palestinian and UN representatives stress that marine deliveries cannot replace the delivery of aid via land borders.

On Thursday, the first day of Friday prayers in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Hamas called for intensifying demonstrations and attacks against Israel in Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem.

Israeli police said that a soldier was stabbed on Thursday in a restaurant at a crossroads in southern Israel. It said that a 22-year-old alleged assailant from the neighboring Bedouin city of Rahat had been shot and “neutralized.”


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