No Rest for Gaza Dead: The Power of Swift Burials

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Shrouded bodies of Palestinians pulled from their graves rested on top of muddied ground in Gaza City’s Al-Tuffah area. Photographer: The Israeli soldiers discovered the scene and removed bodies with bulldozers

The assault fits a pattern, according to the Gaza Strip’s Religious Affairs Ministry, in which Israeli forces have demolished or damaged over 2,000 graves around the region.

When this news agency contacted the Israeli military for comment on the bulldozing of graves, they did not respond right away.

Mass graves, unclaimed bodies and overcrowded cemeteries. The war robs Gaza  of funeral rites | AP News

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The military stated that it responds “in the specific locations where information indicates that the bodies of hostages may be located” in response to claims made in isolation that soldiers have taken bodies from graves.

It claimed in a statement, “Bodies determined not (to) be those of hostages are returned with dignity and respect.”

“Their hearts moaned.”

Saida Jaber was at a central Deir al-Balah school when she remembered seeing pictures on social media of the damaged graveyard of the Jabalia refugee camp. The school was full with displaced persons.

Jaber remarked, “I felt like my heart would stop,” and mentioned that her father, grandmother, and other family members were buried at the location in the northern part of Gaza.

The number of deaths has been so great that journalists have witnessed mass graves all around Gaza. Among these are rows of bodies buried in the Shifa medical facility in Gaza, where grave was marked by the placement of stones and plant branches.

Living in a tent with his family in the hospital enclosure, Arfan Dadar, 46, said, “If we went to the cemetery, they (Israel) might bomb us and we’d die.”

Dadar claimed that as his son, 22, was making his way back to the hospital in Gaza City, he was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers.

“I marked his grave, although there are a lot of mass graves in the hospital park these days. He remarked, “I hardly recognise my son’s grave.” After the battle, Gazans have expressed the hope that they will be able to move their loved ones.

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