Karachi On High Alert As 15 PTI Workers Are Remanded In Police Custody For Terrorism

News Desk5 months ago

The state has filed a terrorism case at the Frere police station, and the detained activists are among the “roughly 5,000 workers and leaders” who have been booked in.

The ATC judge was presented with the 15 PTI employees by the investigating officer, who asked for a 14-day physical remand. For two days, nevertheless, the ATC judge remanded them to police custody to conduct additional investigation.

66 leaders, including Khurram Sher Zaman, Faheem Khan, Saeed Afridi, Dr. Baracha, and others, “instigated around 5,000 workers to resort to violence during a rally at Teen Talwar on Sunday,” according to DIG-South Syed Asad Raza.

pti workers get arrested by police

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It seems like you’re providing information about a situation where individuals allegedly challenged the authority of the state by engaging in various unlawful activities, such as vandalizing public property, assaulting uniformed policemen, resorting to aerial firing, and raising slogans against the police. According to your statement, seven policemen were injured, and one of them, Boat Basin SHO Mohammed Riaz, is reportedly in critical condition. It is important to maintain law and order for the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

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