PML-N Vows to Carry Forward PTI’s Ambitious Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Initiative

News Desk2 hours ago

With the intention of reducing the consequences of global warming and advancing sustainable development, the government has agreed to boost the budget for the Ministry of Climate Change by Rs11.82 billion for the fiscal year 2024–2025, sources told ARY News.

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A sizeable portion of the budget—Rs15.62 billion—is earmarked for the Green Pakistan initiative, formerly known as the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami. PTI introduced this project in 2018. The project intends to counteract the negative effects of climate change by planting trees across the country.

In an effort to tackle climate change, the government has also suggested a new project, the specifics of which have not yet been released.  It has also been proposed to provide Rs1.019 billion to the Ministry of Climate Change to enhance its technical capacity and effectively implement climate change projects.

The budget also allocates Rs15.775 billion for four ongoing schemes, aimed at promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation. Furthermore, the government has proposed Rs100 million for the Pakistan Biosafety Clearing House.

In a move to improve water quality monitoring capabilities, the government has allocated Rs30 million for the purpose.


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