Boost Your Solar Panel Efficiency with this Simple Technique!

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According to their research, adding a reflective coating underneath solar panels can greatly increase light absorption and hence increase energy production. The plan calls for adding highly reflecting white surfaces, or “artificial ground reflectors,” underneath the panels, according to research from the University of Ottawa. This small change produced a noticeable 4.5% increase in energy output. A representative stated, “To maximize their effectiveness, these reflectors should be placed directly beneath the solar panels rather than between rows.”

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The University of Ottawa’s investigation on artificial ground reflectors is the first step in a promising research partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). There is a lot of potential in the ongoing research being conducted at the University of Ottawa by Mandy Lewis. According to Mandy Lewis, since sandy deserts make up about 4% of the planet’s land area, this small change could significantly improve the use of solar energy in a variety of geographic regions. Separately, the dealers reported that due to the “ample” supply and stock of the equipment in the marketplaces, the prices of solar panels in Pakistan have decreased by 30%. The market sources stated that “prices in Pakistan have decreased by 30 percent in the last six months due to an abundance of equipment on the market.”

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