PM Shehbaz Sharif’s Plan: Negotiating a New Loan Deal with IMF Mission

News Desk1 week ago

The prime minister is anticipated to talk about the prospect of getting more money from the lender, according to sources. The lender would ask PM Shehbaz Sharif to provide assurances regarding the goals of the new credit programme during the meeting. Meanwhile, negotiations for a new loan have started in Islamabad today between Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In order to solve its financial difficulties, Pakistan is asking the international lender for a $6–$8 billion rescue package that would last for three–four years. The delegation from Pakistan headed by Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb is in talks with a mission team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to Pakistan, led by Nathan Porter. According to those with knowledge of the trend, Islamabad may need to make additional difficult choices, like as raising gas and electricity prices.

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Speaking to the IMF delegation, Mr. Aurganzeb stated that Islamabad is prepared to sign a new loan programme in order to continue improving the country’s economy, which has improved following the IMF loan package. The current IMF visit to Pakistan is anticipated to run for at least two weeks.

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