Solar Panel Prices and top Brands in Pakistan

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Solar Panel Prices and top Brands in Pakistan

The surge in demand for solar panels in anticipation of the summer season has resulted in a substantial price hike. Details reveal that the prices of solar panels have escalated from Rs. 75,000 to 300,000. For example, a 7-kilowatt system, previously priced at Rs. 850,000, now exceeds Rs. 920,000.

Similarly, the cost of a 10-kilowatt solar panel system has risen from Rs. 11 lac to Rs. 12.5 lac. Furthermore, a 12-kilowatt system that used to cost Rs. 14 lac now stands at Rs. 16 lac. Meanwhile, the price of a 15-kilowatt system has seen a Rs. 300,000 increase, now totaling Rs. 18 lac.

Primarily impacting grid-connected solar panel systems, the rise in prices extends to hybrid setups involving batteries for energy storage, incurring additional expenses.

The escalating prices pose financial strain on consumers, particularly those participating in the federal government’s net metering project. Fluctuations in solar panel prices in Pakistan stem from various economic factors and occasional political instability. Factors such as brand reputation, efficiency rating, capacity, and specific installation requirements further contribute to the escalating costs.

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Top 10 Solar Panel Brands in Pakistan

1. Longi Solar Panels

Longi solar panels are renowned for their outstanding quality and durability, making them one of the best options in Pakistan. These panels are capable of withstanding the country’s diverse weather conditions. Longi, with a global consumer base, offers reliable and reasonably priced solar panels suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Known for their longevity and extended warranty, Longi panels come in various types such as monofacial and bifacial, catering to specific requirements.

2. Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko solar panels are globally recognized for their reliability, superior quality, and excellent customer service, making them a popular choice in Pakistan as well. These panels exhibit high efficiency, even in cold weather, producing over 20% more electricity under such conditions. Available in various types including half cells and bifacial, Jinko panels are suitable for diverse applications, from residential to industrial.

3. Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian Solar offers a range of affordable yet high-quality solar panels, including monocrystalline and polycrystalline options, catering to different needs in Pakistan. Known for their efficiency, Canadian Solar monocrystalline panels boast a module efficiency of 20%, ideal for maximizing energy production and reducing electricity bills. Polycrystalline panels, with up to 18% module efficiency, also offer excellent performance.

4. JA Solar Panels

JA Solar, a global leader in solar cell and module manufacturing, provides high-efficiency and durable panels suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial use in Pakistan. With a vertically integrated business model, JA Solar ensures quality products and services. Their panels are known for their high efficiency and reliability.

5. Risen Solar Panels

Risen Energy, operating since the 1990s, is a Chinese company offering highly efficient, reliable, and durable solar panels utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques like PERC technology. Risen solar panels, reasonably priced compared to other brands, are suitable for various applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial.

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6. Panasonic Solar Panels

Panasonic, renowned for producing high-quality home appliances, offers reliable and affordable solar panels designed with advanced technology and materials for longevity and low maintenance costs. These panels come in different sizes to meet different requirements in Pakistan.

7. SunTech Solar Panels

SunTech solar panels are known for their affordability without compromising quality. Available in diverse sizes, SunTech panels are suitable for various applications, offering high value to consumers in Pakistan.

8. Trina Solar Panels

Trina Solar panels, with a reputation for reliability, quality, and affordability, are one of the top-ranked Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers globally. Despite their competitive pricing, Trina Solar panels maintain high efficiency and productivity, making them a popular choice in Pakistan.

9. Q Cells Solar Panels

QCells, recognized as one of the largest solar panel companies worldwide, offers high-quality panels with higher energy efficiency rates and output ratios. Although not as widely used in Pakistan, Q Cells panels are known for their reliability and reputation.

10. AE Solar Panels

AE Solar, a German company, manufactures high-quality panels known for their reliability, durability, and sleek design. With advanced technologies like PERC, AE Solar panels ensure increased output and reduced power loss, making them a suitable choice for consumers in Pakistan.

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