Armenia Officially Recognizes the State of Palestine

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In the midst of Israel and Hamas’ conflict, a number of nations have recognized the State of Palestine, prompting harsh criticism from Israeli authorities.

“The Republic of Armenia recognizes the State of Palestine, reaffirming its commitment to international law, equality of nations, sovereignty, and peaceful coexistence,” Yerevan declared.
“Genuinely interested in establishing long-term peace and stability in the Middle-East,” Armenia continued.

Yerevan, which has endured decades of hostilities with neighboring Azerbaijan, denounced Israel’s military actions in Gaza.

Armenia “deplores violence towards civilian populations and the use of civilian infrastructure as shields during armed conflicts,” the ministry stated.

Along with lamenting “the captivity of civilian persons,” it claimed that Hamas “joins the demands of the international community on their freedom.”

Hussein Al-Sheikh, a top Palestinian Authority official, praised the action.

Al-Sheikh posted on social media, stating, “This is a victory for right, justice, legitimacy and the struggle of our Palestinian people for liberation and independence.”

We are grateful to our friend Armenia.

Based on Israeli official data, an AFP count shows that 1,194 people, largely civilians, were killed in Hamas’s October 7 strike on southern Israel, which set off the Gaza conflict.

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The health ministry of Gaza reports that at least 37,431 individuals have died as a result of Israel’s retaliatory offensive, the majority of whom were civilians.

Israel is a significant military supplier to Azerbaijan, Armenia’s bitter enemy to the north. Yerevan and Baku have been embroiled in a protracted territorial conflict over the Nagorno-Karabakh territory, which Baku reclaimed from Armenian separatists last year.

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