Israeli Raid in West Bank Results in Death of Four Palestinians

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Since Israel and Hamas’ war in Gaza broke out on October 7, hundreds of Palestinians and over a dozen Israelis have died in violence throughout the West Bank.

The health ministry of the territory reported that four Palestinians were murdered by Israeli “occupation fire” on Monday in the town of Kfar Naima, northwest of Ramallah.

Mahmud Abbas, the president of Palestine, condemned the killings and called for a nationwide strike in Ramallah in addition to a prearranged demonstration in support of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.

The Israeli military said it shot at a group of four people who attempted to flee in a vehicle and tried to “run over forces” when Israeli police went to Kfar Naima to arrest a suspect. One Israeli officer was lightly hurt, an army statement said.

One of the dead was suspected of starting a caravan fire at Sde Ephraim Farm, a neighboring settlement outpost. Since the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, Israel has occupied the West Bank, and in violation of international law, hundreds of thousands of settlers have relocated to Palestinian land.

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According to a statement from the Israeli police, during the car search in Kfar Naima, authorities discovered a rifle and explosive devices.

Palestinian sources claim that Israeli soldiers or settlers have killed at least 524 Palestinians in the West Bank.

According to an AFP toll based on Israeli numbers, at least 14 Israelis have died in the region during the same period.


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