Balochistan’s Budget for 2024-25 Totals Rs 955 Billion

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During the budget’s presentation, provincial finance minister Mir Shoaib Nosherwani suggested raising government employee pay by up to 25%.

The province’s estimated budget for PSDP development is Rs 321 billion.

The budget documents that ARY News has access to show that there will be expenses of Rs 930 billion and total expected income of Rs 955 billion.

There is a 25 billion rupee surplus included in the budget. The budget records show that Rs 564 billion has been set aside for current expenses, and that Rs 321 billion is expected to be given for development under the PSDP.

In a same vein, the departments of education and health have each been given Rs 126 billion and Rs 57 billion, respectively.

Total of Rs 667 billion is expected to be received from the centre under the National Finance Commission (NFC) while the province’s own revenue is estimated at Rs 124 billion.

According to the minister of finance, the administration has suggested raising employee compensation by up to 25 percent.

According to Mir Shoaib Nosherwani, personnel in grades 1 through 16 would receive a salary increase of 25%, while employees in grades 17 through 22 would receive a suggested salary increase of 22%. In the interim, the province administration suggested raising retired workers’ pensions by 15%.

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More than Rs 138 billion would be used for GPS.

For law and order, Rs 93.12 billion

79.36 billion rupees for economic matters

Housing and initial facilities would receive Rs 49.92 billion, according to Finance Minister Balochistan

More than Rs 57 billion on medical care

Six billion rupees for matters of culture and religion

India will spend Rs 126.26 billion on education.

13.35 billion rupees for the social security industry

Thirteen billion rupees for pensions

On June 24, there will be a discussion about the planned budget for the following fiscal year. The Finance Department expects heated debates between members of the ruling party and the opposition, which will end with the budget’s ultimate ratification.

The province places a great deal of importance on the budget session since it establishes the financial priorities and agenda for the upcoming fiscal year in the face of several development goals and economic obstacles.

It should be mentioned that the budgets for Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and the federal government have already been presented for FY2024–2025.

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