Arif Lohar Biography, Wife, Son, Songs and More

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Arif Lohar Biography, Age, Wife, Children and Achievements


Arif Lohar, born on April 18, 1966, is a renowned Pakistani Punjabi folk singer. His fame transcended borders, captivating audiences in both Pakistan and India, particularly with his iconic 2006 song “Jugni” featuring Nooran Lal. Often accompanied by the rhythmic sounds of the ‘Chimta,’ a native musical instrument resembling tongs, Arif Lohar’s folk melodies echo the rich traditions of Punjab. He is the son of the legendary folk singer Alam Lohar.

Arif Lohar’s Chimta


Chimta, also known as Chimpta or musical fire tongs, is a percussion instrument classified as an idiophone. It has a rich history in South Asia and is frequently associated with Punjabi folk songs, Bhangra music, and Gurbani Kirtan, a form of Sikh religious music.


The term “Chimta” literally translates to tongs. Over time, it has transformed into a traditional instrument with the permanent addition of small brass jingles. Notable musicians like Alam Lohar, Arif Lohar, and Kamal Heer have contributed to popularizing the instrument.

Playing Technique

To produce its distinctive chiming sound, the player holds the joint of the instrument in one hand and strikes the two sides of the chimta together. The jingles, typically made of metal, contribute to a metallic resonance, enhancing the rhythmic beat of the song.

Musical Application

Chimta plays a significant role in various musical genres, including popular Punjabi folk songs, lively Bhangra music, and the devotional Sikh music form known as Gurbani Kirtan. It is often paired with the Dhol and accompanies Bhangra dancers, creating a vibrant and rhythmic ensemble, especially at weddings and festive occasions.

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Arif Lohar Early Life

Born in Lalamusa, Punjab, Pakistan, in 1966, Arif Lohar hails from a musical lineage. His father, Alam Lohar, was a prominent folk singer from the village of Achh in Lalamusa.

Arif Lohar’s Biography

Full Name Muhammad Arif Lohar
Born 18 April 1966
Age 57
Origin Punjab, Pakistan
Music Genres Punjabi Folk music
Occupation Vocalist, musician
Instrument Chimta
Religion Islam

Arif Lohar’s Physical Attributes

Height 5.6 feet
Weight 80 kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

Marriage, Affairs, Children, and More

Marital status Married
Arif lohar son 1 son
Arif lohar Wife unknown
Bike Harley Davidson
Salary 2.5 lacs/event (approx)

Arif Lohar Career Highlights

Arif Lohar’s musical journey spans over two decades, featuring more than 50 foreign tours worldwide. Notable performances include the opening of the 2004 Asian Games in China, where he played to an audience of nearly 1 million. He even graced North Korea with his talent as part of an international delegation.

Beyond live performances, Arif Lohar has made significant contributions to Punjabi cinema, taking on lead roles in movies and producing soundtrack hits, notably for Syed Noor’s film “Jugni” (2012).

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Arif Lohar was honored with the Pride of Performance Award by the Government of Pakistan in 2005. With over 150 albums and more than 3,000 recorded songs, mostly in Punjabi, his musical legacy is unparalleled.

In 2006, he made waves with the release of his album “21st Century Jugni,” showcasing his global appeal. His participation in Coke Studio in June 2010 further solidified his international acclaim, especially with the performance of “Alif Allah (Jugni)” alongside Meesha Shafi.

Arif Lohar’s influence reached Bollywood, with his song “Jugni” being featured in Saif Ali Khan’s movie “Cocktail.” Other adaptations of “Jugni” found their way into various Bollywood films, underlining his crossover success.

With a versatile repertoire, Arif Lohar continues to enchant audiences, contributing his soulful voice to numerous Punjabi films in both Pakistan and India.

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Arif Lohar Contributions to Society Well Fare

In 2004, Dr. Arshad Mahmood Lohar, Arif’s eldest brother, established the Alam Lohar Memorial Trust (ALMT) as a tribute to their father.

An integral component of the trust was a production studio designed to create awareness for health campaigns in the UK. Notably, these initiatives included campaigns such as Stop Smoking, Healthy Mothers, and Healthy Babies, conducted on behalf of the National Health Service. Arif actively participated in concerts across the UK to endorse these health campaigns, with a focus on addressing health issues within Pakistani and other South Asian communities.

In September 2010, Arif Lohar took up a proactive role in aiding the victims of the 2010 Pakistan floods. He utilized national television platforms to encourage both local and international fundraising efforts and further showcased his commitment by performing at special concerts held throughout Pakistan.

Musical Journey (Arif Lohar Songs)

  • Alif Allah (Jugni)
  • Ek Pal
  • Bol Mitti Diya Baawiya
  • Punjab Bolda
  • Paar Langadey Veh
  • Yaara Kaulu Yaar Gwanchan
  • Koka Saat Rang Dah
  • Sianyah
  • Ik Din Pyaar Da
  • Sher Punjab Da
  • Soniye
  • Aakhian
  • Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)
  • Mirza
  • Jugni
  • Panj Dariyah
  • The Legend
  • Kamlee Yaar dee Kamlee
  • 21st Century Jugni (Mukhtar Sahota)

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 Achievements and Honors

  • In 2005, Arif Lohar was bestowed with the prestigious Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan.
  • In 2018, he received the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award at the Brit Asia TV Music Awards.

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