Prof. Dr. Haroon Nabi Complete Biography

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Prof. Dr. Haroon Nabi Complete biography

Prof. Dr. Haroon Nabi Biography

Prof. Dr. Haroon Nabi stands out as a highly renowned Cosmetologist, Dermatologist, and Hair Transplant Surgeon based in Lahore. With a notable presence on social media, he is the proprietor of The Skin Clinic. Boasting nearly three decades of experience, he is passionately committed to instilling confidence and promoting well-being among his patients.

Educational Background

Prof. Dr. Haroon Nabi has pursued numerous qualifications to refine his expertise. His educational journey includes completing his MBBS and obtaining FCPS (Dermatology) from the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Additionally, he holds membership with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

Professional Experience

With over 26 years of extensive experience, Prof. Dr. Haroon Nabi is a widely acknowledged practitioner in his field. Presently, he provides consultations at his own clinic, The Skin Clinic, in Lahore. Furthermore, he serves as a professor of dermatology and heads the department at Lahore Medical and Dental College.

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Prof. Dr. Haroon Nabi actively raises awareness about various treatment options available to potential clients. His efforts extend to increasing awareness about diverse dermatological issues affecting the public. In a video addressing hair loss in both men and women, he highlighted common causes such as post-pregnancy hair loss and nutritional deficiencies, emphasizing topical medicine as a typical treatment.

Special Interests

Prof. Dr. Haroon Nabi takes a keen interest in offering beautification procedures and treatments to enhance his patients’ confidence. Through his social media accounts, he shares information and brief videos on different procedures, including lip fillers, skin tightening, and hair growth treatments.

Success Story

In an interview Dr. Haroon Nabi reflects on the essence of his success, emphasizing the beauty of the Pakistani community and addressing a significant challenge—impatience. He acknowledges the prevalent issue of people being unable to wait, sharing his observations of women enduring long waits outside his door. Despite the frustration and eagerness, he recognizes the necessity of patience in the pursuit of quality work.

The doctor delves into his philosophy, asserting a commitment to quality over quantity. He expresses a strong belief that genuine success lies in delivering work of the highest caliber. Dr. Nabi underscores the importance of waiting for excellence, both for the practitioner and the patients seeking his expertise. He highlights the patience required in the process, emphasizing that quality work demands time and dedication.

Furthermore, Dr. Nabi unveils a key element of his success—personally undertaking 90% of the work. While it might be more convenient to delegate tasks to assistants and accommodate a larger volume of patients, he prioritizes the hands-on approach. For him, treating patients is not merely a transaction; it is a personal commitment to delivering the best possible care.

In essence, Dr. Haroon Nabi’s success is rooted in his unwavering dedication to quality, a virtue that necessitates both patience and personal involvement. Through his unique approach, he has carved a path to success that goes beyond mere efficiency, placing emphasis on the enduring value of exceptional medical care.

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Some Facts About Prof. Dr. Haroon Nabi

Acne Treatment
Birth Marks Removal
Chemical Peel
Dermal Fillers
Electrocautery for Removal of Warts
PMC Verified
FCPS (Dermatology) – College of Physicians & Surgeons
Hair Transplant Surgeon
Over 26 years of experience in the field
Professional Memberships
Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC)

Contact Information

To schedule an appointment with Prof. Dr. Haroon Nabi, you can use the following number 04238900939.

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