EFU Life Insurance, Services and Criticism involving President

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EFU Life Insurance, Services and Criticism involving President


EFU Life’s story stretches back to 1990, emerging as a pioneer in the post-nationalization era of Pakistan’s insurance industry. Over the years, it has established itself as a leader, boasting a strong financial foothold and a reputation for innovation. With a network spanning across the country, EFU Life aims to provide accessible and comprehensive insurance solutions to individuals and businesses alike.

Products for Every Stage of Life: 

The breadth of EFU Life’s offerings is impressive, catering to various needs and risk profiles. Their portfolio encompasses:

Individual Life Insurance

From term life plans offering pure protection to endowment plans combining protection with savings and investment options, EFU Life caters to diverse individual needs.

Group Life Insurance: Businesses and organizations can secure their employees’ well-being with EFU Life’s tailored group life insurance packages.

Takaful Plans

For those seeking Sharia-compliant insurance solutions, EFU Life offers Takaful plans that adhere to Islamic principles.

Other Services

EFU Life ventures beyond traditional insurance, offering products like health insurance, wealth management solutions, and retirement planning options.

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Performance under the Microscope 

Understanding EFU Life’s financial performance is vital for informed decision-making. The company demonstrates a strong financial standing, with consistent profitability and robust solvency ratios. Moreover, EFU Life maintains a respectable credit rating, reflecting its financial stability and creditworthiness. 

Customer Experience: A Mixed Bag?

While EFU Life boasts a wide coverage network and diverse product offerings, concerns have been raised regarding their customer service. Inconsistent responsiveness to inquiries and delays in claim settlements are recurring complaints. However, the company actively invests in improving customer service and has implemented grievance redressal mechanisms to address concerns.

Potential Concerns: Weighing the Risks

Like any financial product, opting for EFU Life insurance comes with potential drawbacks. Some areas of concern include:

Policy Wording

Complex policy wording can be confusing for many, leading to misunderstandings about coverage and benefits.

Aggressive Sales Tactics

Concerns have been raised about aggressive sales practices that might lead to customers purchasing unsuitable products.

Limited Transparency

Some aspects of EFU Life’s operations, particularly investment strategies, might lack transparency for policyholders.

The Path to Informed Decisions

 Choosing the right insurance provider requires careful consideration. Here are some tips for navigating the intricacies of EFU Life:

Do your research

Thoroughly evaluate EFU Life’s product offerings, policies, and financial performance.

Seek independent advice

Consult with financial advisors and compare options from different insurance providers.

Understand the terms and conditions

Don’t hesitate to clarify any doubts you have about the policy wording or coverage details.

Open communication

Maintain open communication with EFU Life representatives to address any concerns or questions. 

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General Criticisms faced by EFU

Ultimately, EFU Life’s story is multifaceted. It boasts a strong financial standing, diversified products, and a vast network. However, concerns regarding customer service, transparency, and sales practices cannot be ignored. As with any financial decision, a balanced approach, prioritizing research, independent advice, and open communication, is crucial to navigate the intricacies of EFU Life and make the right choice for your specific needs and risk profile.

Policy Wording and Transparency

Some customers have expressed concerns about the complexity of policy wording and difficulty in understanding terms and conditions, potentially leading to confusion about coverage and benefits.

The process of making claims is sometimes criticized as being lengthy and bureaucratic, with some policyholders claiming difficulty in receiving payouts.

Product Offerings and Suitability

Certain products may be criticized for not adequately addressing the specific needs of different customer segments, potentially leading to mismatched expectations and dissatisfaction.

Concerns have been raised about aggressive sales tactics and lack of proper explanation of policy features, potentially leading to customers purchasing unsuitable products.

Customer Service and Dispute Resolution

Delays in addressing customer queries and complaints are a common criticism, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.

The effectiveness of internal grievance redressal mechanisms can sometimes be questioned, with some customers feeling unheard or dissatisfied with the resolution process.

Financial Performance and Stability

While EFU Life Insurance has a strong financial standing, some may express concerns about potential market fluctuations and their impact on policy guarantees or returns.

The transparency of investment strategies and their alignment with policyholder interests can be a point of concern for some customers.

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Latest Controversy involving President DR. Arif Alvi

President Dr. Arif Alvi has instructed EFU Life Assurance Ltd to reimburse Rs. 100,000 along with accrued profits to a financially disadvantaged woman who was deceived into acquiring an insurance policy.

Ms. Zubaida Begum had received Rs. 100,000 through participation in a local committee with the intention of depositing it into her bank account. However, she was deceitfully issued an insurance policy at the bank. Being financially constrained, when she expressed her inability to pay an annual premium of Rs. 100,000 and requested a refund of her deposit, she was informed that only Rs. 40,000, the prevailing cash value of the policy, would be returned.

Feeling wronged, she sought recourse with the Federal Insurance Ombudsman (FIO), but her complaint went unaddressed. Subsequently, she filed a representation with the President against the FIO’s decision.

Personally reviewing the case, the President sided with the aggrieved woman, stating that she was entitled to the refund of the principal amount as her claim was just and fair. He noted the mis-selling of the policy to a financially disadvantaged woman who never intended to purchase it initially, and the subsequent denial of the premium refund constituted maladministration.

Highlighting that FIO had directed a refund of only Rs. 40,000 without recognizing the outstanding Rs. 60,000 owed by the company, the President emphasized that FIO’s failure to ensure the refund violated the spirit of the Insurance Ordinance 2000. He pointed out that FIO overlooked the fact that the company had held Rs. 100,000 since 2020, potentially earning a considerable profit.

The President underscored the equitable principle of enrichment, stating that unjustly enriching oneself at the expense of others was unacceptable. Depriving the woman of her share of the profit earned on her money would be unjust, he added.

Consequently, the President accepted Ms. Zubaida Begum’s representation and directed EFU Life Assurance to refund the entire amount of Rs. 100,000 with profits to the complainant within 30 days of the order.

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