Vawda, Kamal Summoned to Court

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Syed Mustafa submitted an unqualified apology and put himself at the mercy of the court, according to a written order the SC issued for the hearing on Thursday.

According to the decision, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) presented the transcript of the news conferences both lawmakers conducted, while the attorney for Faisal Vawda requested more time to submit a response.

In its ruling, the supreme court affirmed that 28 news stations carried Syed Mustafa Kamal’s press conference while 34 news channels carried Faisal Vawda’s.

Broadcasting such news conferences is prima facie contemptuous of court, according to the decision.

The highest court also requested the news networks to respond and explain why they shouldn’t be held in contempt of court.

It is important to note that Syed Mustafa Kamal’s unconditional apology was rejected by the SC, and Faisal Vawda declined to issue an apology.

Due to anti-judiciary remarks, the Supreme Court (SC) had sent summons of contempt of court to MQM-Pakistan MNA Mustafa Kamal and independent Senator Faisal Vawda.

The Supreme Court observed on its own initiative the press conferences attended by Senators Faisal Vawda and Kamal, during which they sought proof of judicial meddling.

Both leaders were then served with summons by the highest court, requesting that they appear in court with their answers.

Senator Faisal Vawda chastised the judges of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) at a press conference. In response to the IHC judges’ letter alleging that the security agencies had meddled in court proceedings, the Senator stated, “Fifteen days have passed and no details were shared by the IHC judges to support the claims of alleged interference.”

“It won’t work to accuse someone; the evidence must be presented in court,” Fasisal Vawda stated on Wednesday during a press conference in Islamabad.

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The former federal minister requested proof of meddling from IHC judge Babar Sattar. He also demanded the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) to interfere in this matter.

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