US Dollar Gains 09 Paisa Against Pakistani Rupee

News Desk2 weeks ago

However, the purchasing and selling values of the dollar on the open market were Rs 277.25 and Rs 279.9, respectively, according to the Forex Association of Pakistan (FAP).

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) reports that the price of the Euro rose by 09 paisa to close at Rs 302.72, up from Rs 302.63 the previous day.

The British Pound saw a gain of 29 paisa in currency rates, closing at Rs 355.86 from the previous day’s closing of Rs 355.57. The Japanese Yen remained steady, closing at Rs 1.78.

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The Saudi Riyal and the Emirates Dirham closed at Rs 74.22 and Rs 75.79, respectively, after rising by 02 and 03 paisa, respectively.

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