PTI Founder’s Imran Khan Private Cell Phone Photos

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According to specifics, the government denied Imran Khan’s request for legal representation in the NAB modifications case, and it presented the images and other supporting documentation to the Supreme Court.

The federal government refuted the claims of abuse and isolation, asserting that the PTI leader is getting all the amenities required, such as TV, air conditioning, literature, and legal consultations.

Furthermore, they contended that in the event that it is deemed essential, the Supreme Court may establish a commission to look into the facts.

Furthermore, the federal government has refuted the allegations that it denied the PTI founder access to legal counsel by releasing a list of those who visited with him while he was incarcerated.

Govt shares PTI founder’s cell pictures - Daily Business News

Khawaja Haris was granted access to the PTI founder during the most recent hearing of the Supreme Court’s 1999 amendment case over the National Accountability (NAB) Ordinance. “Khawaja Haris is welcome to meet with the PTI founder at any time.”

Additionally, the plaintiff, Imran Khan, was ordered by the SC to receive access to all of the NAB amended case records.

Govt shares PTI founder’s cell pictures - Daily Business News

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It is important to note that the case is being heard by a five-member Supreme Court bigger bench, which is led by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa and includes Justices Aminuddin Khan, Jamal Khan Mandokhail, Athar Minallah, and Hasan Azhar Rizvi.


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