Typhoid Vaccine Campaign Begins in Karachi and Hyderabad

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The 13-day programme, which ran from May 13 to May 25, was designed to vaccinate 8.9 million school-age children, aged nine months to fifteen, against XDR typhoid. The target area included seven districts in the Karachi division and one in Hyderabad. Azra Pechuho, the Sindh Health Minister, encouraged parents to vaccinate their children in a statement, pointing out that 7,000 volunteers were taking part in the programme.

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Minister Azra Pechuho stressed the need for preventive because infections can spread quickly. She went on to say that while typhoid can be cured, prevention is the key, and the new vaccine works well to stop the illness. The minister also issued a warning to parents who choose not to vaccinate their children: there could be repercussions. Dr. Naeem, the project director, says that 31 union councils would deliver the vaccine in schools as well. “The intention is to shield kids from typhoid, which can spread fast through tainted food and water,” he stated. According to him, typhoid fever may have an impact on the kidneys, bones, intestines, and brain.

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