De-escalating Tension in Protest Situations in AJK

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A wheel-jam and shutter-down strike across the region resulted in violent battles between police and rights movement activists in Azad Kashmir, which left at least one police official dead and numerous more injured. According to the reports, the demonstrators threw stones at the security guards who responded with baton charges and tear gas blasting. Hospital sources revealed that two people, including a kid, were injured during the fights, and one guy died.

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In a related development, following a confrontation between protesters and Rangers officers, internet service has been suspended once more. After a lengthy march, the Joint Action Committee protestors have arrived outside the Assembly and are currently staging a sit-in at Ambor. The region is observing a wheel-jam strike and shutter down to press for requests for cheaper grain and electricity. Additionally, a large march from Muzaffarabad to Madina Market was announced by the Awami Action Committee. Following violent protests in the valley earlier in the day, the administration of Azad Kashmir (AJK) approved a decrease in the costs of grain and power.

According to specifics, the AJK administration lowered the cost of flour and energy and accepted the requests of the Jammu Kashmir Awami Action Committee (JAAC). A notice published in Rawalakot states that the cost of a 40 kg bag of wheat flour has dropped from Rs 3100 to Rs 2000, a reduction of Rs 1100. The government has also given its approval to lower the cost of electricity. Domestic customers using up to 100 units would be taxed Rs 3 per unit, and those using 101–300 units will be charged Rs 5 per unit, according to the notification. There will be a fee of Rs 6 per unit for users who use more than 300 units.

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