Tragic Passing of News Anchor Iram Chaudhry

News Desk3 months ago
Iram Chaudhry

Death is an undeniable and inevitable reality that touches everyone’s life. Witnessing people departing from this mortal world is a common occurrence, yet the departure of a young individual always brings a profound sense of sadness. Yesterday marked the untimely passing of a vibrant soul in the field of news media, casting a shadow of loss over her colleagues and loved ones. Iram Chaudhry, a news anchor, bid farewell to this world on January 27, 2024.

Anchor Iram Chaudhry Tragically Passes Away

Mughees Ali, a fellow journalist, took to Twitter to share the heartbreaking news of his colleague’s demise. He conveyed the sorrowful message that Iram, who leaves behind two children, had departed. Iram was a dedicated journalist who tirelessly contributed to various channels, all while supporting her two beloved children. The sudden loss has left her colleagues in a state of profound sadness.

Anchor Iram Chaudhry Tragically Passes Away

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