Ariana Grande Hides Identity Amid Ethan Slater Backlash

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Ariana Grande Hides Identity Amid Ethan Slater Backlash

In the summer of 2023, Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater embarked on a romantic relationship after going through divorces with their respective spouses. As public scrutiny over their connection intensifies, Ariana Grande is making efforts to evade the camera’s attention.

The 30-year-old pop sensation, known for her recent release “Yes, And?”, was seen at JFK on a Saturday. Despite the high-profile setting, Grande managed to remain inconspicuous, shrouded in an all-encompassing outfit that concealed her from head to toe.

Wrapped in a long, oversized black coat that nearly touched her ankles, the multi-Grammy winner also obscured her face behind a blue mask. Her signature newly-blonde hair was neatly tucked under a green cap, its brim strategically lowered to shield the rest of her face as she navigated the airport.

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Credit: the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail captured the discreet airport appearance, highlighting Grande’s attempt to stay out of the spotlight.

Recent backlash against Grande has been fueled by accusations of her being a serial “homewrecker,” with her new partner Slater’s ex-wife and mother of his child, Lilly Jay, reportedly being the latest victim, according to Page Six. The couple began their relationship during the summer of the previous year, following their respective divorces.

In response to the criticism, Grande appears to address the controversy in her latest song, “Yes, And?” While some fans commended her for standing up for herself, others intensified their disapproval, condemning her alleged nonchalant attitude. One fan expressed, “this woman is so ugly and nasty. Like you f*ed a whole-a married man and you’re the victim?” Another remarked, “she helped ruin an entire family with a newborn baby, and now she wants to play the victim by dissing the internet and press like she wasn’t caught… I can’t stand her.”

Ariana Grande Previous Relationships

Ariana Grande’s romantic journey has been a rollercoaster, featuring both high-profile relationships and shorter-lived flings. Let’s take a closer look at her known romances and how they unfolded:

Early Relationships

  • Graham Phillips (2011-2013): Grande’s initial serious relationship developed during their time as co-stars on Victorious. As their careers took different paths, the relationship naturally faded away.
  • Jai Brooks (2012-2013): A brief yet tumultuous connection with Australian YouTube star Jai Brooks, marked by a highly publicized breakup and online drama.
  • Nathan Sykes (2013): A fleeting romance with The Wanted singer Nathan Sykes after collaborating on a song.
  • Big Sean (2014-2015): A two-year involvement with rapper Big Sean, characterized by musical collaborations and public support. The relationship eventually ended due to busy schedules and diverging paths.
  • Ricky Alvarez (2015-2016): A short-lived summer romance with her backup dancer Ricky Alvarez, later referenced in her song “Thank U, Next.”

High-Profile Relationships

  • Mac Miller (2016-2018): A lengthy and emotionally significant relationship with rapper Mac Miller, celebrated as a power couple. Unfortunately, their journey concluded due to his struggles with addiction and depression.
  • Pete Davidson (2018): A whirlwind romance that captured media attention, leading to a quick engagement. The intense public scrutiny and busy schedules ultimately led to the engagement being called off.

Post-High-Profile Relationships

  • Dalton Gomez (2020-2021): After a private courtship, Grande tied the knot with real estate agent Dalton Gomez in 2021. However, reports suggest that the couple separated in 2023.
  • Ethan Slater (rumored, 2023): Recent speculations hint at Grande possibly dating her Wicked co-star Ethan Slater, although neither has officially confirmed the relationship.

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