Top 20 Best Makeup Brands in Pakistan

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Top 20 Makeup Brands Making Waves in Pakistan’s Beauty Industry

The beauty industry in Pakistan has witnessed an exponential surge in recent years, with makeup enthusiasts embracing a diverse range of local and international brands. From luxurious high-end labels to affordable yet quality products, Pakistan offers an array of makeup brands that cater to various skin tones, preferences, and budgets. Here’s a comprehensive list of the top 20 best makeup brands in Pakistan that have made a significant mark in the Pakistani beauty landscape.

Top 20 Best Makeup Brands in Pakistan

1. Masarrat Misbah Makeup

Founded by the renowned makeup artist Masarrat Misbah, this brand focuses on offering high-quality, Halal-certified makeup products suitable for all skin types.

2. Luscious Cosmetics

Luscious Cosmetics is acclaimed for its cruelty-free makeup range, offering vibrant color palettes and innovative formulations at affordable prices.

3. Hemani Herbal

Hemani Herbal stands out for its natural and herbal-based makeup products, known for incorporating beneficial ingredients while providing a wide variety of makeup choices.

4. Atiqa Odho Cosmetics

Actress Atiqa Odho’s makeup line features a diverse range of makeup essentials, appealing to Pakistani consumers with its quality and affordability.

5. Kay Beauty

Launched by Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, Kay Beauty offers a blend of skincare-infused makeup products, focusing on inclusivity and quality.

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6. Rivaj UK

Rivaj UK is popular for its extensive range of makeup and beauty tools at budget-friendly prices, catering to the masses without compromising on quality.

7. Medora of London

A household name, Medora of London is cherished for its affordable yet long-lasting lipsticks and foundations, becoming a staple for many makeup enthusiasts.

8. Note Cosmetics

This Turkish brand has gained prominence in Pakistan for its wide range of makeup products, known for their high-quality ingredients and trendy color options.

9. Golden Rose

Offering a wide selection of makeup products, Golden Rose stands out for its affordability and diverse range of shades for various skin tones.

10. DMGM

DMGM, also known as Diana of London, specializes in professional makeup products with a focus on high-quality foundations and concealers.

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11. Sweet Touch

Sweet Touch is acclaimed for its trendy makeup collections, including vibrant nail colors, lipsticks, and eye makeup, targeting younger demographics.

12. Faces Pakistan

Faces Pakistan is known for its trendy and diverse makeup products, providing options for different skin tones and preferences.

13. Kryolan Pakistan

A favorite among professional makeup artists, Kryolan offers a wide range of high-quality makeup products suitable for various makeup applications.

14. Oriflame Pakistan

Oriflame is recognized for its skincare-infused makeup range, emphasizing natural ingredients and sustainable beauty practices.

15. The Body Shop Pakistan

Known for its ethical and sustainable practices, The Body Shop offers a range of makeup products enriched with natural ingredients, catering to conscious consumers.

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16. Inglot Cosmetics

Inglot is celebrated for its extensive range of high-pigment makeup products, including vibrant eyeshadows and long-lasting lipsticks.

17. Artdeco Cosmetics

Artdeco is renowned for its professional-grade makeup products, offering a diverse selection of shades and textures.

18. Nabila Salon

Nabila Salon’s makeup line provides premium quality products endorsed by one of Pakistan’s most renowned makeup artists, Nabila Maqsood.

19. Derma Shine

Derma Shine focuses on skincare-infused makeup products, offering a balance between cosmetics and skincare for a flawless finish.

20. Zay Beauty

Zay Beauty caters to the modern Pakistani consumer with its diverse makeup range, embodying inclusivity and innovation in its product offerings.

These makeup brands have significantly contributed to Pakistan’s beauty industry by providing diverse and quality products that cater to the varying preferences of consumers. From affordable options to high-end luxury choices, the Pakistani makeup scene continues to evolve, offering something for everyone.

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