20 Top Lawn Brands in Pakistan

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top lawn brands in pakistan

In Pakistan, the fashion industry’s evolution has brought about a significant rise in the popularity and prominence of lawn fabric. Here is a list of top 20 top lawn brands that have made a mark in the Pakistani fashion scene:

1. Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is a renowned Pakistani fashion house known for its elegant and high-quality lawn collections. Their lawn prints often reflect a blend of traditional and contemporary designs, appealing to a wide range of customers.

2. Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed is a household name in the Pakistani textile industry. Its diverse lawn collections, including both printed and embroidered designs, cater to various tastes, from vibrant and youthful patterns to more sophisticated and classic motifs.

3. Alkaram Studio

Alkaram Studio offers a diverse range of lawn fabrics, known for their quality, innovation, and intricate designs. They often experiment with vibrant color schemes and artistic patterns, catering to modern tastes.

4. Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa’s lawn collections often feature luxurious designs that blend tradition with modernity. His use of rich color palettes and intricate embroideries has garnered attention from fashion enthusiasts across Pakistan.

5. Elan

Elan’s lawn collections stand out for their sophisticated and contemporary designs. They often feature unique patterns, delicate embroideries, and a fusion of colors that appeal to those looking for chic and stylish ensembles.

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6. Maria B

Maria B’s lawn collections are known for their trendy designs and attention to detail. The brand offers a variety of lawn prints ranging from bold and eclectic to more subtle and sophisticated, catering to diverse fashion preferences.

7. Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen’s lawn collections are known for their affordability without compromising on quality and design. The brand offers a wide range of prints and designs, making it accessible to a broad customer base.

8. Khaadi

Khaadi is a well-established brand recognized for its creative and artistic lawn prints. Their collections often include a fusion of traditional and contemporary designs, reflecting the brand’s commitment to diversity and innovation.

9. Sapphire

Sapphire’s lawn collections feature a mix of trendy and traditional designs. The brand offers an array of vibrant prints, often inspired by nature, culture, and heritage.

10. Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch offers lawn collections characterized by their intricate embroideries and distinct color schemes. The brand’s attention to detail and unique design aesthetics cater to those seeking a blend of sophistication and elegance in lawn fabrics.

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11. Junaid Jamshed (J.)

Junaid Jamshed (J.) offers a diverse range of lawn collections, featuring a blend of traditional and contemporary designs. The brand’s lawn prints often embody cultural elements and vibrant color palettes.

12. Orient Textiles

Orient Textiles is recognized for its high-quality lawn fabric and intricate designs. The brand’s collections often showcase a fusion of modern and traditional motifs, appealing to a broad customer base.

13. Firdous Lawn

Firdous Lawn is a well-established brand known for its affordable yet stylish lawn collections. Their prints range from floral patterns to geometric designs, catering to various fashion tastes.

14. Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi offers a diverse range of lawn fabrics with both printed and embroidered designs. The brand’s lawn collections often feature trendy and vibrant prints, perfect for the summer season.

15. Charizma

Charizma’s lawn collections are characterized by their innovative designs and vibrant color schemes. The brand frequently introduces new and trendy patterns, catering to the fashion-forward segment.

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16. Rang Rasiya

Rang Rasiya specializes in high-quality lawn fabrics with intricate embroidery and embellishments. The brand’s collections often incorporate a mix of traditional and contemporary elements.

17. Baroque

Baroque’s lawn collections are known for their opulent designs and intricate detailing. The brand offers a variety of prints, ranging from bold and vibrant to more subtle and elegant styles.

18. Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan’s lawn collections often reflect a fusion of vintage and modern designs. The brand’s emphasis on intricate craftsmanship and unique patterns appeals to fashion-conscious consumers.

19. Ittehad Textiles

Ittehad Textiles offers a wide range of lawn prints, known for their durability and affordability. The brand’s collections encompass a mix of traditional and contemporary designs.


KAYSERIA is recognized for its artistic lawn prints that often draw inspiration from Pakistani culture and heritage. The brand’s collections feature vibrant colors and distinctive patterns.


These brands collectively contribute to Pakistan’s vibrant fashion landscape, offering a diverse array of lawn collections that cater to the varying tastes and preferences of consumers across the country.

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