The Tragic Death of a PTI-Backed Candidate While Voting in Bajaur

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Sibi, Balochistan has experienced some recent tragic and violent events. A bomb exploded at the PTI rally and resulted in the deaths of four individuals and injury to six others thereby worsening an already tense situation in the area. This series of violence has affected many people’s welfare and safety concerns.

Knowing there was such an attack on Rehan Zeb Khan after these incidents is incredibly disturbing. It is reported that he was doing a campaign in that area when his vehicle was attacked by unidentified armed men. The mishap shows how the region is insecure and needs more security measures as it has always been volatile.

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Rehan Zeb Khan’s death is a sad reminder of risks involved for any individual performing duties during unstable times like now. His dedication to his job should serve as a beacon of hope to those who are committed to making positive change within their localities.

Investigations are currently underway by the police into this matter so that justice can be served on those responsible for it. Meanwhile, individuals and communities need to remain calm and cautious while seeking ways of addressing unrest.

In times like these, it is important to come together as a community and support each other, while also holding accountable those who seek to cause harm and division. The recent events in Sibi, Balochistan remind us of the need for greater solidarity and cooperation in our efforts to create a peaceful and harmonious society.

The police of Bajaur District, Officer Kashif Zulfiqar, indicated that the incident appeared like a “targeted killing”, according to He did assert however that search operation was being carried out in the area by law police.

According to PTI, Rehan was a party-endorsed candidate for a National Assembly seat and stated as well they strongly condemned the murder. It was also said that there were serious doubts about the fairness of polls since PTI-affiliated candidates and public meetings were attacked by terrorists.”

The party says, “The death of [party-backed] NA candidate following attack on PTI’s election rally in Sibi is result of an irresponsible caretaker government.”

The act should be investigated immediately and those who did it should be called into account by the government. All PTI supported candidates participating in the elections must receive security from now on and this should be reported to Pakistan’s Election Commission (ECP).

Instead of executing its constitutional responsibilities, it held that the concerns of the interim set-up lay not enhancing any political party into power.


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