PHC Grants Transit Bail to PTI Leader Zartaj Gul

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PHC Grants Transit Bail to PTI Leader Zartaj Gul

On Wednesday, the Peshawar High Court (PHC) granted approval for the transit bail application submitted by Zartaj Gul, a leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Chief Justice Mohammad Ibrahim Khan of the PHC, who arrived in Peshawar from Islamabad late at night, presided over the hearing of Zartaj Gul’s transit bail plea. Refusing to leave the court premises due to apprehensions of police arrest, she awaited the court’s decision.

The Chief Justice of PHC summoned the CCPO and SSP Operation to appear before the court.

During the proceedings, Zartaj Gul became emotional and issued an apology for the tragic events that transpired following the arrest of Imran Khan on May 9.

Speaking to the media at the PHC after submitting the transit bail plea, the PTI leader expressed uncertainty about the upcoming election, stating, “I can’t say whether I am contesting the election or a war.”

Concerns about potential arrest were raised as she disclosed the presence of the police force outside, leading her to seek bail. Asserting her stance, she declared, “I can go to any court; the whole country is ours. I will not leave here until I get bail.”

Addressing voters, Zartaj Gul urged them not to panic and to maintain faith in the constitution and the law.

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