Tekken 8 DLC 1 Leak Shows Possible Fighters

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Tekken 8 dataminer hints at potential DLC characters for Season 1

Before Tekken 8 launched, we knew Eddy Gordo would join the Season 1 roster. Now, thanks to a trusted dataminer (“shootmans”), we have some clues about who else might be coming!

Possible Season 1 fighters

  • Craig Marduk (Tekken 4): Data mentions Australia, which connects to his backstory.

TEKKEN 7 - DLC6: Craig Marduk บน Steam


  • Fakumram (Tekken 7): Data references a Muay Thai fighter from Thailand, matching his origin.

Fahkumram character analysis: Strengths, weaknesses, and how to counter him | ONE Esports

  • Lidia Sobieska (Tekken 7): Data lists a character from Poland, which aligns with her nationality.

Lidia Sobieska and the Island Paradise expand Tekken 7 | TheXboxHub

Anna Williams not arriving until later

Shootmans believes fan-favorite Anna Williams won’t join Season 1. Rumors suggest she’ll arrive with another character (“AK”) in a later season (likely 2025).

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Seasons are year-long

Based on data, it seems each Tekken 8 season lasts a year. So, no new DLC fighters will arrive in 2024 after Season 1.

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