Poonam Pandey Faces INR1 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Over Fake Death

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Model and actor Poonam Pandey and her partner, Sam Bombay, find themselves embroiled in a staggering INR1 billion defamation lawsuit filed by Mumbai resident Faizan Ansari. The lawsuit, which has been lodged with the Kanpur Police Commissioner, accuses the duo of orchestrating a false conspiracy surrounding Poonam’s death and attempting to downplay the seriousness of critical diseases, particularly cancer.

Conflicting Reports on Relationship Status

Confusion arises as conflicting reports surface regarding the relationship status between Poonam Pandey and Sam Bombay, with some sources citing him as her former husband according to Times of India, while others label him as her husband according to Hindustan Times.

Serious Allegations and Call for Legal Action

Faizan Ansari’s lawsuit not only seeks financial compensation but also urges authorities to arrest Poonam and Sam for their alleged involvement in the deceptive stunt. The FIR claims that their actions were aimed at garnering personal publicity by making a mockery of life-threatening illnesses.

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Outrage Over Shocking Hoax

The bizarre incident unfolded on February 2 when Poonam Pandey took to Instagram to announce her own demise allegedly due to cervical cancer. The post requested privacy during the mourning period. However, the revelation turned out to be a shocking hoax, leaving the public outraged at the insensitivity of the ploy. Poonam later resurfaced in an Instagram video, confirming her survival and acknowledging the seriousness of diseases like cervical cancer.

Condemnation from Various Quarters

The move was widely condemned as highly inappropriate and unacceptable, drawing criticism from various quarters, including the All Indian Cine Workers Association (AICWA). The AICWA denounced Poonam’s actions, labeling them as “highly wrong” and “unacceptable.” The film organization has called for the filing of an FIR against both Poonam and her manager, emphasizing the need for legal consequences to address the gravity of the situation.

As the controversy unfolds, the entertainment industry and the public await further developments in this perplexing case, which raises questions about the ethical boundaries of garnering attention in the age of social media.

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