Sheikh Rashid Says He Does Not See Any Dialogue Happening Between PTI and Government

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Speaking in an exclusive interview, the former federal minister stated, “I am not seeing successful dialogue and neither hopeful for it.”

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“They refused to hold talks at first, and now they won’t accept the parameters established for communication,” he declared. He went on, “Two months after Eid are crucial, seeing decisive development by August.” He continued, “There might be some new to come on surface.” “This administration is a pompous one.”

He declared, “Nawaz Sharif has been less corrupt and better than Shehbaz.” Rashid stated, “Shehbaz has only been for signing.” Nawaz Sharif hasn’t been in good books, so he couldn’t aim for it, he added.

In 2014, there was a London Plan. Tahir ul Qadri traveled to London to meet the founder of the PTI. I was aware of the plan, Rashid admitted. He added, “I was also aware of when the PTI government was leaving.” Sheikh Rashid remarked, “The MQM people are brothers; they told me earlier that our government was leaving.”

He claimed that after I had left the official home, the founder of the PTI was upset that he had been informed that his administration was leaving. “I informed him that we were leaving, but he claimed that things had improved.” He continued, “I told him that the MQM people said they got the signal.”

Sheikh Rashid declared, “I have no doubt that Qamar Bajwa was involved in the fall of the PTI’s government.” “I realized something was wrong when I was at a residence and saw Salik and Mohsin Naqvi come out. “Not even I have dabbled in Pakistani politics without having Gate No. 4,” he asserted.

“People stopped calling me on the phone after my Chilla. There used to be 200–400 people who visited Lal Haveli every day, but now there are just 20,” he stated.

He said, “After speaking with the PTI founder, I will talk about the future.” “I have no connections to the new PTI team, so I haven’t visited Adiala yet,” he stated. After seeing Adiala, “I don’t want to start a new problem,” he declared. “If not for my health decline, my Chilla would have lived longer,” he remarked. If I had intended to, I would have driven back in the same car. However, I didn’t write anything down or create a video, Sheikh Rashid claimed.

He claimed that Awn Chaudhry’s article about Bushra Bibi was immoral. He remarked, “One must stand by the truth; how could I say something that I didn’t see?”

It may surprise you to learn that the PTI is the source of every testimony used against me. People appreciate me, and my conscience is at ease.

“While I was seated in London, individuals such as Zulfi Bukhari were handling my election.” He remarked, “There are a number of people who have previously left the country, just like Zulfi Bukhari.” “The head of the Awami Muslim League should have respected my association with the founder of the PTI, but that didn’t happen.” “I will always have a soft spot for the PTI founder, but I did not receive fair treatment,” Rashid grumbled.

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