Quetta Reports Yet Another Case of Congo Virus Infection

News Desk1 week ago

The sufferer is a resident of Qila Saifullah and is undergoing treatment, according to hospital sources.

This is the thirteenth Congo virus case that has been documented in Pakistan this year; in 2024, one patient passed away from the infection.

A Congo virus-diagnosed 18-year-old boy passed away in Peshawar earlier. The patient tested positive for the Congo virus on May 18, one day after being admitted to Khyber Teaching Hospital on May 17.

According to sources, the patient had just gone to Punjab to buy animals and had been exhibiting symptoms like a high temperature, bodily aches, and vomiting.

No further Congo virus cases among the patient’s contacts—including family members and hospital employees—have been verified.

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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released guidelines for the prevention and control of coronary heart disease (CCHF), which is important to note.

Following a high rate of disease transmission, it is critical to monitor the situation and take action to stop the spread of CCHF.

It clarified that the Nairo virus carried by ticks is the cause of CCHF. This virus, which can infect humans through tick bites or contact with infected blood or tissues during and right after slaughter, is carried by animals like cattle, goats, sheep, and hares.

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