Former PM Nawaz Sharif Declines to Attend Budget Session

News Desk1 week ago

Nawaz Sharif requested leave from the assembly secretariat for the NA budget session. The assembly secretariat granted the plea.

Recall that when Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb unveiled the Budget 2024–25, previous prime minister Nawaz Sharif likewise did not attend the NA session.

The Parliament’s lower and upper houses are currently debating the 2024–25 budget.

It was previously reported that some longstanding members of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz had begun to work on restoring the former prime minister to his position as PML-N president.

Nawaz has served as prime minister three times already, but certain important PML-N figures have started a campaign to remove him from the office, according to insiders who spoke to ARY News.

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Recently, at a meeting in Islamabad that included some international dignitaries, a few federal ministers of the PML-N had stated that they would like to see the party president serve as prime minister once more.

“We want Nawaz Sharif to become Prime Minister again to improve the country’s situation,” a federal minister said at the time.

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