Punjab’s First-Ever Livestock Card Gets Greenlight from Chief Minister

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Details indicate that on Saturday here in Murree, CM Maryam Nawaz presided over a special meeting on livestock improvement measures, where significant projects were approved.

The chief minister gave the relevant department instructions to create a thorough plan for dairy farming in South Punjab. According to her, the government aims to guide Punjab’s livestock producers toward financial independence.

During a thorough briefing, it was revealed that the availability of loans with convenient installment plans for dairy farmers, both male and female, in South Punjab’s rural districts would be examined. Initially, the Punjab Livestock Card would be used to provide loans to forty thousand farmers throughout Punjab.

Additionally, it was told that the card program will enable the export of 400,000 animal meat. Additionally, the farmer will receive free services for animal dagging as well as access to a facility for silage and wanda quality testing.

The livestock initiative will provide farmers with an easy loan of Rs. 270,000 for wanda, silage, and mineral combination, the meeting was informed. The farmer will be able to repay the loan in 30 days by using the card method.

The Punjabi system for tracking animal identities will make it easier to maintain livestock.

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Attending the meeting were Syed Ashiq Hussain, the provincial minister of agriculture, Chief Secretary Zahidakhtar Zaman, Secretary Livestock, Special Assistant Rashid Nasrullah, and Senior Provincial Minister Maryam Aurangzeb.


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