PTI Denounces FIR Filed Over Assault on Raoof Hasan

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A group of transgender people attacked Raoof Hasan outside the Islamabad office of a private news station, slashing his face with a razor. Hasan was attacked as he left the TV channel’s office following his appearance on a show, according to a police spokeswoman.

The attackers made a clean getaway from the site after the attack. The PTI leader needed medical attention, so he was taken to a hospital.

PTI leader Omar Ayub said at a press conference today that the incident happened at approximately 5:15 p.m. while he was leaving a private TV channel’s headquarters. “This was not the first time Hasan, the perpetrator, was the victim of a murderous attack.”

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The National Assembly’s Opposition Leader, Ayub, stated that the earlier event ought to have been recorded as well. He also mentioned that Hasan suffered “severe injuries” on his face from the attackers’ use of a sharp weapon.

He said that the FIR had been altered by the police and did not accurately represent what Hasan had said in his formal complaint. He went on, “We demand the formation of a judicial commission to investigate the incident and reject the FIR that was registered.”

The PTI leader went on to say that the initial information report did not contain any allegations related to terrorism, and that the attempted murder was unquestionably an “act of terrorism.”

He warned that if the PTI leadership gets targeted in such a manner again, the party would stage peaceful protests nationwide.

As Raoof Hasan took over the press conference, he hinted that the attack on him was a part of the state’s campaign against the PTI and its leaders by saying, “What our party has endured in the past two years is not hidden.”

He claimed, “The state has unleashed cruelty and used all kinds of force on PTI and its workers ever since Imran Khan was ousted.”

Hasan asserted that the assault on him was a component of a “well-planned scheme,” adding that he had already come across the transgender attackers on Monday.

However, the Islamabad police spokesperson – in a statement – said the force was conducting the investigation in a professional manner, adding that the FIR was registered as per Hasan’s signed application.

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