PML-N and PPP at Odds Over Sharing Power in Punjab

News Desk3 weeks ago

According to sources, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and the Pakistan People’s Party have not been able to reach a power-sharing agreement thus far. Four sessions between the PML-N and PPP coordination committees ended without a decision, according to sources. Sources close to the People’s Party are griping that Punjab’s ruling PML-N failed to respond appropriately. According to PPP sources, “The PML-N has not been serious about the power sharing formula for Punjab.”According to sources, the PPP leadership is aware of the PML-N’s lackadaisical stance. According to insiders, “the PPP is not given representation in district level committees.

” The sources claimed that the Punjab Assembly budget “ignoreses the People’s Party members.” The PPP MPAs have not yet received the funding,” the sources continued.

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It should be noted that the People’s Party is under pressure from the PML-N to join the coalition administration in Punjab and the Centre.

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