Pakistan Navy’s Anti-Narcotics Operation Draws Praise from PM Shehbaz

News Desk3 weeks ago

The prime minister thanked the officers and staff assigned to PNS Yarmook in a statement for thwarting an attempt to smuggle 380 kg of drugs. The prime minister said, “The efforts of Pakistan Navy officials in defending Pakistan’s maritime boundaries and preventing illegal activities are commendable.” In a successful anti-drug operation in the North Arabian Sea, the Pakistan Navy stopped an effort to smuggle drugs, according to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

According to the military’s propaganda wing, an anti-drug operation was carried out in the North Arabian Sea using intelligence that was classified as secret. During the operation, PNS Yarmook confiscated 380 kg of drugs valued at thousands of dollars from the worldwide market.

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“The mission was successful and represents a continuation of the Pakistan Navy’s successful maritime surveillance. According to the ISPR, Pakistani ships often carry out missions to stop human trafficking, piracy, and narcotics smuggling.


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