Pakistan Revs Up Vehicle Exports: SUVs and More Headed Overseas in New Industry Push

News Desk23 hours ago

In the first phase, 50 domestically built SUVs from Toyota Indus Motors would be exported from Pakistan, according to representatives of the Ministry of Industries and Production.

In the second phase, Toyota Indus’ Hybrid Corolla Cross will be exported separately.
According to the Ministry of Industries and Production, the business has also sent 100 Pakistani mechanical engineers to Japan for training.

The Ministry of Industries and Production continued, “The Pakistani workforce in Japan has been recognized for their exceptional skills and expertise.”

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The federal government is debating a plan to raise the regulatory charge on used imported cars earlier on June 4.

The federal budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which is expected to include an increase in regulatory duties on imported used cars, is scheduled to be presented on June 12th, according to the information.

Sources indicate that while the regulatory charge on large cars is anticipated to climb from 70 to 100 percent, the duty on vehicles larger than 1800 cc is predicted to rise by 30 percent.

Used cars up to 1800cc may be subject to a 15% charge, but new and old hybrid cars up to 1800cc may continue to be duty-free.

It is anticipated that the cost of imported secondhand cars will increase in the nation.

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