Pakistan: OGRA Bans Sale, Purchase of Substandard LPG Cylinders

News Desk2 weeks ago

Notices were sent to 313 LPG marketing businesses and 19 cylinder-producing enterprises about the refilling of inferior LPGO cylinders, which the OGRA described as unsafe.

The LPG marketing businesses have received a warning from the OGRA not to sell LPG to unlicensed distributors. The notice states that new standard operating procedures (SOPs) have been developed for the LPG industry, and that as of right now, only authorized distributors are permitted to buy and sell LPG.

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The letter went on to say that the decision was made in an effort to safeguard both lives and the business in the wake of an increase in cylinder blast occurrences.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) costs in Quetta were cut by Rs 20 per kilogram on May 3.

Sources claim that the price of LPG has been lowered by Rs 20, from Rs 280 to Rs 260 per kilogram.

It is important to note that LPG prices were reduced by Rs 20 per kilogram before, for a total reduction of Rs 40 per kilogram over a few weeks.

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