Tragic Gas Cylinder Blast Claims Four Lives in Matiari

News Desk1 month ago

Rescue sources said that as employees at an ice plant were going about their regular business, a gas cylinder explosion happened.

Three of the victims passed away instantly as a consequence, while one more was seriously hurt and sent to the hospital. Subsequently, the hurt worker also passed away from his injuries.

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Rescue crews arrived at the scene shortly after the event and roped off the area. Police have started looking into the incident in the interim.

In November of last year, a gas cylinder explosion in a private flat in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Jauhar district claimed the lives of two people and injured thirteen others, including women and children.

Two ladies were killed and thirteen others were injured in the explosion, which was caused by a gas leak in a domestic unit next to Rado Bakery. The explosion also severely damaged three other nearby apartments.

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