Makeup Expiration Alert: When to Replace Your Cosmetics

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Very few people maintain a strict schedule for their makeup bag, switching the colors according to the seasons and never stopping by using those tried-and-true formulas. But do you know when the goods you use for skincare and makeup expire? An even more pertinent query would be: were you aware that cosmetics may run out?

Not only can outdated makeup not look or perform properly, but it can also damage your skin by causing inflammation and illness. See when it’s actually time to throw away your cosmetics by looking through this gallery.

Check for a Period After Opening (PAO) symbol

3 6 12 24 M period after opening PAO symbol for cosmetics packaging ...

Certain products come with a sign that lets you know how long after you open them you should keep them. If this is not visible to you, continue reading.

Moisturizer: one year

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Natural ingredients-based moisturizers that contain artificial preservatives won’t withstand bacterial infection as well as their synthetic counterparts and will expire considerably faster.

Toner: six months to a year

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Since it is a water-based product, its best-by date may be extended by the addition of components in a toner. To prevent skin irritation, smell it and pay attention to the color and consistency.

Micellar water: six months maximum

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Pink 400ml - Alpro Pharmacy

Water promotes the growth of bacteria, which is why this multipurpose face wash, makeup remover, and moisturizer has one of the shortest expiration dates.


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Concealers have a shorter shelf life since they employ moisturizing ingredients and oils to provide a smooth cover-up. Throw it out if it appears dry, lumpy, or discolored; keeping it on will exacerbate skin imperfections.

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