Lost Album by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Discovered, Set for Release in September

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The Qawwali master Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s previously unheard songs, “Chain of Light,” will be published on September 20 following a 34-year hiatus. The songs were discovered on Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records archive tapes.

According to the statement, “Joined by his eight-strong party of singers and musicians, Chain of Light presents four traditional qawwals — including one which has never been heard before — and captures Khan at the height of his vocal capabilities in pristine sonic quality.” It was originally recorded in April 1990 while he was working with Canadian producer Michael Brook on “Mustt Mustt,” his groundbreaking crossover album.

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Gabriel stated in a statement issued by the business, “I’ve had the honor to work with a ton of different musicians from all over the world in my time, but perhaps the greatest singer of them all was Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.”

“We were very proud to have played a part in getting him to a much wider global audience. What he could do and make you feel with his voice was quite extraordinary,” he continued. “Learning that this tape had been in our library made us very happy.” He is truly at the top of his game on this record. It’s an amazing record.

Notably, in August 1997, at London’s Cromwell Hospital, the Qawwali legend passed away from an abrupt heart arrest. He passed away when he was 48 years old.


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