Nauman Ijaz Reveals Ranveer Singh Follows Him

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Veteran actor Nauman Ijaz updated his Instagram feed on Thursday with a new photo of himself wearing an oddly unique black outfit. “Na janey kiskay dil mei kitnay reh gaey hum, mudateen guzar gaeen hissab nahin keya,” he captioned the photo featuring just himself.

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Thousands of followers loved the picture, but others were perplexed by his strange outfit and asked Ijaz in the comments if it was a costume for a project he was working on or if he was just dressing up to pass the time.

One commenter on social media said, “Hahaha.., what a dress,” and another said, “Nice dressing.”

“He follows me, sweetie,” the actor responded to a question that went something like “Aap kabse Ranveer Singh ko follow karne lage” (since when have you started to follow Ranveer Singh).

Regarding his career, the veteran is presently dominating television thanks to his powerful performance in the drama series “Radd,” which stars Sheheryar Munawar and Hiba Bukhari.

“Radd” is a drama directed by veteran Ahmed Bhatti, known for his work on “Sar-e-Raah,” “Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi,” and “Ghisi Piti Muhabbat.” It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at prime time exclusively on ARY Digital.

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