Karachi Law Enforcement Arrests Four Individuals Linked to Fatal Crime

News Desk5 months ago

Abdul Sattar, the victim, lived alone in an apartment in the Soldier Bazar neighborhood of Karachi.

According to investigations, the suspects stole valuables such as cell phones, cash, and other items from the residence after carrying out the horrific deed.

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It has come to light that the attackers had pretended to be service providers for a reconnaissance mission the day before to the attack. A month later, the police declared that they had apprehended the offenders and found the pilfered goods in the thieves’ hands.

Four terrorists connected to the outlawed group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi were apprehended last year in the SITE neighborhood of Karachi during a combined operation by the CTD and other law enforcement agencies in response to a tip.
According to a CTD spokesman, the four people who were detained—Amin alias Munna, Shahnawaz alias Saleem Mechanic, Maaz Khan, and Yaseen—had established a covert branch of the outlawed group in Karachi’s Orangi Town neighborhood.

The CTD spokesman said that the detained people are suspected of killing Maulana Rahim and Shamim Khan in Karachi’s Iqbal Market neighborhood as well as being engaged in many target-killing events in the Manghopir and Pakistan Bazaar neighborhoods.

The spokesman went on to say that Shahnawaz alias Saleem was imprisoned for nine months in connection with many murder cases, while Amin alias Munna served more than nine years in prison for 27 murder cases.
In the meanwhile, three handguns and a motorbike taken from the terrorists’ possession by the police during the operation.

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